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Performed by Turkish artist Emir, song written by Turkish artist Tarkan.

They say this, they say that
They make people sad for only caring about exterior beauty
They make life complicated for people

They classify by attaching a label
They will say what's right or wrong
They drive people from their destiny

I kept getting away, always getting away from myself
When I came back to myself I became hopeful again...
I lost myself when I lived according to other people's rules
I found myself again when I took shelter in my heart

After this I know neither sin nor rules
My soul won't fit my body, I get bored
Don't push me anymore, I will defy
I won't have mercy, I will crush everything
I can't be who you are - if I am
I will throw myself in red-hot fires
I don't follow the herd,
And make myself food for the wolf

Love me if you will, like the way I am
Or get me out of your heart
Neither try to change me nor judge me

Which one of us is perfect, excellent?
When you look down on me
Don't consider yourself superior.

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