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Edy's Fruit Bars is sponsoring a competition: the community with the most votes by April 30th will win a grant to fund a community orchard. Right now it's a two-town race between Bloomington and somewhere in New York state.

If you can spare a moment, please put in a vote for us here in B-Town! You can vote once per day from now until the deadline. Please! The Bloomington Community Orchard needs your help!!!


City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department
Bloomington, IN

In Bloomington, Indiana, our budding community orchard is about the future. It is about leaving a legacy for generations to enjoy. But it is also about right now. It is about finding others who share a vision of abundance and coming together to make one patch of the earth a better place for everyone. The orchard will contribute to Bloomington’s food security, inspire joyful community engagement, and educate citizens while making sustainability delicious.

The City of Bloomington has offered support and a spacious site adjacent to our largest and oldest community garden, a public park, and the YMCA. The first public meeting for the orchard, held in February at City Hall, was standing room only. Participants are eager to put their expertise, resources, and physical labor into the creation and maintenance of the public orchard. Work groups are establishing the administrative and operational structures needed to allow the orchard to thrive. Bloomington's People's University is offering a low-cost course on orcharding to create a core of educated volunteers to care for the trees.

To ensure that fruit from the trees will reach those in need, Bloomington Community Orchard is partnering with the Hoosier Hills Food Bank Gleaning Program, which harvests surplus crops on local farms to feed those who are hungry. Strong traditions of community gardening already exist in Bloomington, offering educational opportunities; free, fresh, nutritious food; and beauty for all to enjoy. We are ready for our Community Orchard. All we need now are the trees.

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