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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] folkchick3, I've connected with [livejournal.com profile] bolly_flicks - a fun new blog relevant to my interests. ^.^

BF actually mentioned recommendations... heheheh... so I'm going to make a list of the movies I own (and love) and some I've seen that I've really enjoyed.

Dhoom 2
The film that started it all for me. Hrithik Roshan as a dashing thief, hot music, action, Aishwarya Rai, Uday Chopra as the incredibly buff comic relief... I love it all.

Dhoom 1
Yes, I saw them out of order but it didn't matter too much. The first one introduces Uday's character and John Abraham does a turn as a sexy criminal. Also, Tata Young's "Dhoom Machale" is still one of the greatest music videos EVER made. :)

Classic brilliance from Aamir Khan in an historical film that's very accessible to Western audiences due to the "underdog" storyline. Note that this is *not* dishoom-action-flashy-dancing style cinema. It's an uplifting period piece that may seem a bit predictable but still had me crying at the end.

Modern brilliance. How fun it was to see Abhishek Bachchan finally smile! A funny little story with (mostly) good-hearted characters. John Abraham's beach scene = hot flash! My only issue with it is that the guys weren't punished *nearly* enough for their bad behavior, but I guess Bobby Deol is a softy. :)

Jodhaa Akbar
Historical romance on the grandest scale. Hrithik and Aish make a brilliant couple and he is just plain mesmerizing with a sword. Yes, a liberal interpretation of history, but so very, very beautiful. Must see!

An outstanding performance by Aamir Khan again. Based loosely on some Hollywood film about short-term-memory loss and revenge. Very dark and gritty for a Bollywood movie, although the flashbacks lighten the mood so much it's almost like watching two different films in one.

Om Shanti Om
A masterpiece with Shahrukh Khan, but don't see it until you've watched a bunch of Bollywood films because there are so many in-jokes about the industry. Mostly comedy, some drama, and amazing dance numbers. SRK RULES!

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
My favorite Abhishek film so far. He does a great job and after his mostly-humorless role in the Dhooms it was great to see him so perky. The title track is one of my favorite Bolly songs, ever. The "flashback" sequences are so wonderful and I love the ending that shows you all the little cues that the characters used to weave their tales.

Dil Bole Hadippa!
I actually got to see this one at the theater and it was SO much fun. Rani is one of my favorite actresses and I think the makeup job was perfect. Shahid was okay, but this one was all about Rani. Favorite part: her statement about how men will worship a plaster goddess but not respect the goddess in human form standing right in front of them.

Koi... Mil Gaya
OK, so, Hrithik = perfection. He absolutely blew me away in this sci-fi (E.T.) tale where he portrays a mentally handicapped man/boy. His innocent smile just grabbed my heart. Watching his transformation is amazing.

The sequal to KMG, somehow. The stories don't quite line up but hey, it's Hrithik again and this time he gets to play a gifted young man who becomes the superhero the city needs. He's so SWEET I could just DIE!!!

Bunty aur Babli
Fun con artist film. Abhi gets to romp again, with Rani, and with the Big B hot on their trail. "Dhadak Dhadak", the opening song, is another all-time favorite.

Badmaash Company
Did I mention I like con artist films? This one is okay - I don't think anyone did a stand-out acting job but the soundtrack is absolutely brilliant. Not as dark and violent as Kaminey, but with the same zomgsohipithurts vibe. Shahid didn't remove his shirt nearly enough to make it worthwhile.

Chance pe Dance
Speaking of Shahid, this was his semi-biographical movie about breaking into the Bollywood biz. His character is pretty likeable but of course this one is All. About. His. Dancing. He is a downright incredible dancer and his homage to Michael Jackson is really nice. My favorite bit, tho, is when he's trying to teach apathetic middle-school kids to dance. Heehee.

Pyaar Impossible
I like Uday and I like Priyanka, so maybe that's why I liked this film when no one else did. With a few leaps of faith (he's really not a creepy stalker, really) it was a cute, if mostly throw-away, little romance comedy. The little girl pretty much rocks it.

Jab We Met
Probably my favorite modern Bollywood romance film. Also a nice road-tripping film. Shahid does a good job at playing a bookish businessman who blossoms. :)

Whew, that's enough for now!
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