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razzleccentric ([personal profile] razzleccentric) wrote2010-03-15 05:00 pm

Rettachuzhi soundtrack

The Raaga website is very, very cool. It's one of those "create your own playlist/radio station" music sites, but the music is all Indian. This means I can listen to all the latest Bollywood soundtracks. ^.^

As a test, I've embedded a player with a really smooth Tamil soundtrack, Rettachuzhi. Due to the wailing and gnashing of teeth that occurred last time I embedded something that wasn't YouTube, I've put it behind a cut. I've also set it *NOT* to auto-start, but if something goes awry just let me know.

Check it out. It's very relaxing.

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Nothing to do with this, but an article someone linked to today that sounded like it might be interesting to you...