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love your farmers market contest - help your market win $5,000 - vote today!

So far we're #6 on the national list~!!!

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Farm to School: Nourishing Kids and Community

Wednesday April 8th • 4 pm
The Council Chambers, City Hall
401 North Morton Street, Bloomington Indiana

Farm to School brings healthy food from local farms to school children nationwide. The program teaches students about the path food takes to reach our tables, helping build good eating habits that can last a lifetime. Knowing how to grow, prepare, and enjoy good food is a lifeskill worth learning.

Meet Sara Tedeschi to learn how the national Farm to School program can help our community provide healthy food to children while supporting local growers.
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Made a quick jaunt to Whole Foods this morning as we were out of milk (and more importantly half-n-half for coffee) and whey powder for breakfast shakes.

I haven't been there in ages, and I was quite pleased to find...

1) Large outdoor bin full of LOCAL vegetables (!)

2) Local foods CLEARLY LABELED as such in their appropriate areas, such as my much-beloved garlic paprika jack made by Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses in Barren County, Kentucky.

3) Large endcap display of local-ish foodstuffs, including the awesome chipotle garlic jelly from Rattlesnake Hill Farm in Kentucky and Ole Ray's apple/cinnamon barbeque sauce from Ohio - my favoritest BBQ sauce ever, by the way.

4) A big can of my precious Konriko brand no-MSG Greek Seasoning. No more running out until I can get to a Publix in Georgia! Wheeeee!

5) A new brand of coffee called Raven's Brew. It ain't local (Washington state) but I couldn't resist the artwork. Yeah, I'm a packaging whore. Anyhow, I picked up the organic Deadman's Reach and I'm sipping it now. Dark but surprisingly mild. I'm gonna go back and get the Three-Peckered Billy Goat now that I've read the descriptions on their website. Good stuff!

Lavash and hummus for lunch! Woot!

PS - Raven's Brew artist's page: Ray Troll
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I confess, I'm snagging this idea from Serious Eats cuz it sounds like fun. Question of the Day:

What are your hometown favorite eats?

What one place do you always visit for some serious eats when you make a trip back home? Or, if you planted your roots where you grew up, what one place do you wow out-of-towners with when they visit?

I'd like to expand the question to cover what kind of FOOD reminds you of your hometown (not just restaurants)? Something somebody made? Something manufactured or grown in the area? Regional specialties? What tastes like home to you?
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Something completely new! (to me) -> Savoring Kentucky

* * & * *

I love The Food Ass - Stop Eating Crap. He really IS an ass, but his pithy a-hole insights are full of deep truths.

He calls ketchup "Satan in a bottle." The Food Ass RULES.


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