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Have you seen this? I mean, seriously, this jackass jerkwad really believes what he wrote??? No. It's got to be some kind of horrible, horrible joke.

A Georgia state representative (yes, Republican, how predictable), sent out THIS MEMO to a bunch of other Repub reps (including one in Texas) stating that he has "Indisputable evidence — long hidden but now available to everyone — demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution science’ is the Big-Bang 15-billion-year alternate ‘creation scenario’ of the Pharisee Religion... This scenario is derived concept-for-concept from Rabbinic writings in the mystic ‘holy book’ Kabbala dating back at least two millennia.”

So, yeah. Evolution is actually a religious teaching whipped up by the Jews that run the world. THAT'S how we can stop it from being taught in schools. Halleluijah!

But look - added bonus codswallop! "[T]he earth is not rotating … nor is it going around the sun." (This is the part that tipped somebody off that the memo might not be 100% factual.)

In case you're wondering where these paid political representatives of the people got this amazing revelation, it would be from this incredibly professional and obviously wrought-with-truth website. HORK.

For reference, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about this horseshit and J.M. Marshall's Talking Points Memo on the subject.

My anger overwhelms my phlegm.

PS - Chisum is not at all apologetic for spreading this crap.

Mr. Chisum said all he thought he was doing was "a Good Samaritan" deed for a fellow legislator. "If that's a sin, well, shoot me."

Not enough heads, not enough desks.
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Welsh Pride! Represent!!

Scientific History!!!

A bunch of Brits - including the director of the Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine in Wales, the chair of the Institute of Welsh Affairs, and representatives from the Tall Ships Trust in Wales are going to build a replica of HMS Beagle and, on the Darwin Bicentennial in 2009, they will sail around the world following the exact path Darwin & Co. made on the original voyage.

The insanely cool part about this is that they plan to have scientists, journalists and bloggers of all stripes on board to do research, take pictures, make videos, and write all about it as it happens!!! The goal is to benefit science education in UK schools - but ye gods, classrooms around the world will be able to access all this goodness. What an awesome project!

Please visit The Beagle Project website and donate FOR SCIENCE!!!

Sheepish shennanigans

In a noble effort to create an environmentally friendly road grit, one Welsh town developed an alternative to corrosive rock salt - a kind of grit mixture coated with molasses to make it stick to the road and not bounce off.

Unfortunately, the sheep roaming the common areas love molasses. And now the roads are blocked with happy sheep licking up the sweet, sweet grit.

Wooly speed bumps should also decrease slipperiness, I guess.

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Email message from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood:

Are you tired of all the items for sale at your school book fair that aren't books--such as toys, video games, posters, and fashion accessories? Do you think that book fairs should promote reading without promoting TV shows and movies?

At CCFC, we received numerous complaints about the commercialization of book fairs. That's why we've created the CCFC Guide to Commercial-Free School Book Fairs [pdf file format]. The Guide offers tips on how to hold a book fair at your school without corporate marketing or media tie-ins. It also includes a directory of independent booksellers throughout the country that support book fairs.

A Commercial-Free Book Fair is a way for parents and educators to change the commercial culture of schools by doing something positive: You can encourage reading, raise money for your school, and support a local business without exposing children to the brands and media programs that already permeate their lives.

More info at the CCFC site.


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