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OMG! A 15-minute video with almost no dancing! ^.^

Srsly, I adore Michael Shermer and this guide is a production of the Richard Dawkins Foundation, so what's not to love?

Born from Carl Sagan's observation that there's a lot of baloney out there and we need a kit to detect it, this vid provides the ten crucial questions to ask regarding sketchy claims of truth.

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International Conference on Applied Critical Thinking

January 26, 2008
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Skepticism & Activism* The skeptical community needs to come together and make a difference. James Randi and the JREF urge everyone to "Get out there and do something!"

Join James Randi and others who are outraged at the current amount of nonsense in our world. Listen to presentations of what you can do to spread the word of reason. Learn from those who have already taken action - and share your ideas. Become prepared to make a difference.

For science! )

I'd really love to do this, too: The Amazing Adventure 2 - North, to Alaska!
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Solomon’s House: The Deeper Agenda of the New Creation Museum in Kentucky

by Stephen T. Asma

“How many sheep would a dinosaur need to eat per day while living on the Ark?” This was the question I posed to Ken A. Ham, the director of the new Creation Museum in Kentucky, which I toured for Skeptic.

My question harkened back to the 1660s and John Wilkins’s 1668 An Essay Towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language, where I learned that “atheistical scoffers” had been rolling their eyes at the notion that so many animals could fit on so small a boat (300 cubits = 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high, says Genesis 6:15). Bishop Wilkins, who acted as the first secretary of the Royal Society, set about demonstrating once and for all that the ark could indeed hold the menagerie. Creating elaborate charts based on scriptural descriptions of Noah’s craft and cargo, Wilkins established that the middle floor of the three-floor ark was just under 15-feet tall and held foodstuffs for all the passengers, including 1,600 sheep for carnivore consumption. So naturally when I learned that Ham’s new exhibit diorama would show visitors how the dinosaurs lived on the ark (something Wilkins couldn’t have predicted), it seemed reasonable to ask how many sheep they’d be digging into.

Read the rest of the article at eSkeptic

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While I am still in mourning for Penn Radio (even the website is gone already), I'd like to take a moment here to consider and applaud all of the other marvelous podcasts that I enjoy on a weekly basis.

I lost most of my interest in radio after bidding WMNF in Tampa farewell. My extensive drive-time in Kentucky has been made bearable only by the application of interesting podcasts. I like audio books, but listening to the same voice drone on and on gets to me after a while. I like music, but eventually even the most perky stuff starts to make me sleepy.

It was, therefore, a revelation of earth-shattering proportions to discover podcasting. Hours upon hours of customizable listening pleasure, enjoying the topics/music of MY choice, in mp3 format, in my car, for FREEEEEEEEEEE. It's such a mind-blowing deal, I'm still suspicious. Can the internetz really be THAT cool??? Yes, apparently they can.

At this point I consider myself a Podcast Connoisseur of the formats I like best. I've listened to A LOT of podcasts that I DO NOT like. Penn's show, for example, was the only "talk radio" kind of podcast I ever liked - because I like Penn himself, his personality, his humor, and his freethinking nut point of view. I'm fairly certain there are no other sharp, funny, optimistic, carny-trash atheists doing a talk show out there - but if you know of any, please prove me wrong!

Other than Penn (weep), I listen almost exclusively to 1) Skeptical; 2) Science; 3) Health & Medicine; and 4) Celtic Folk Music podcasts - although I've just discovered a couple 5) Food & Cooking podcasts that I like.

Because it's my journal, I'm going to share my podcast loves with you. Soooo lucky!


I'll delve into the other subject areas later. Podcast recommendations always welcome!


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