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Imagine going to a fast food or chain restaurant in KY and easily being able to see how many calories there are in the items you are considering ordering. This could be a reality if menu labeling legislation being proposed by Senator Denise Harper-Angel and Representative Kelly Flood passes.

Menu Labeling Rally

Wednesday, January 13 11 am

KY State Capital Room 327

Please come and show your support for this important step in fighting obesity in KY. We need a large crowd at the rally to show legislators and the media that there is strong support for posting calories on menus.

For more info: www.fitky.org

(Plus I have a couple PDFs and a PPT on the topic if you're interested.)
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Wow. Just watched a segment of the BBC's current series, The Truth About Food. Go to their video clip index and check out the first one, "Can eating like an ape save your health?"

Apparently influenced by Katharine "Diet and Primate Evolution" Milton (hee), a group of folks with high blood pressure & cholesterol levels were a) put into a UK zoo exhibit for a week, and b) fed only raw fruit & veg, water, some nuts, and one olive a day during their stay.

First off, I am delighted by the humans-in-the-zoo concept. I wish ALL zoos had a human exhibit ALL the time. And how interesting it must have been for the other primates! You know they're all thinking, "Well it's about freakin time you ogling bastards were on the inside!"

Scientifically speaking, I'm not impressed by the diet components. I know the title says "eat like an ape" (which is decidedly un-Darwinianly-correct to begin with) but the narration discusses hominid evolution and pre-agricultural diet. Presenting our evolutionary diet as being completely devoid of meat is not at all accurate - what about the insects for heaven's sake?! But for the purposes of simplicity I understand using the vegan approach.

The results of their raw foodist week were impressive. All that fibre did its noble duty, lowering their collective cholesterol levels by 23%. Woo! Blood pressure went down too (I suppose spending a week goofing off in a bucolic park setting had nothing to do with that ;) and one guy's sodium level plummeted. I was impressed that weight wasn't mentioned by the nutritionist - chances are they didn't lose much if any weight, but look at how nicely their biochemical risk factors decreased anyway!

No, this isn't a valid research study by any means, but it's a REALLY cool idea. How I would love to do something like this!
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Nutrition: So Now You’re What Your Children Eat?

New York Times
Published: January 9, 2007

Adults who live with children eat more fat, and more saturated fat, than those who do not, according to a new study.

The report, published online last week in The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, was based on data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Survey, a six-year nationwide study of more than 33,000 people carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to background information in the article, the correlation between adults’ and children’s diets has usually been attributed to parental influence. But in the case of fat intake, it may be that children and teenagers, who consume more fat than other age groups, influence the diets of their parents.

Read more... )

I'd really like to see them do this again, but with sugar (and HFCS, of course) intake.


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