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There is a book that I look at every Christmas Eve and have done for as long as I can remember. Before I could really read, I memorized every picture. The writing itself is a little overblown; I realize now that it's an almost anthropological study of Christmas customs. How my mother ended up with such a book I'll never know. But I still have it, crumbling dust cover and all, and I still read it on Christmas Eve when the real magic of the season is at its peak and the night is black and full of dangerous shadows that most people don't associate with Christmas... but I do, with much love.

"What is the colour of Christmas?
Red? The red of toyshops on a dark winter's afternoon, of Father Christmas and the robin's breast?
Or green? Green of holly and spruce and mistletoe in the house, dark shadow of summer in leafless winter?
One might plainly add a romance of white, fields of frost and snow; thus white, green, red - reducing the event to the level of a Chianti bottle.
But many will say that the significant colour is gold, gold of fire and treasure, of light in the winter dark; and this gets closer.
For the true colour of Christmas is black.
Black of winter, black of night, black of frost and of the east wind, black of dangerous shadows beyond the firelight."

- from "A Book of Christmas" by William Sansom, 1968
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A classic film, a brilliant song, the perfect actor... I tear up every time.

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It's mah birthday. I'ma go cake hunting.

It might snow this afternoon, which would be so freaking awesome.

If you are willing and able to contribute a buck or two, WildCare of Southern Indiana is my choice for charity gifting this holiday season. They've helped me when I've found injured wild critters that needed care, so this is personal. No, the kinds of critters they help can't give anything back to us in the traditional sense. We just have to settle for doing the best we can by the wild things around us.

Thanks, folks, and happy St. Andrew's Day to you all.
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I swear to use my scientific knowledge for the good of Humanity. I promise never to harm any person in my search for enlightenment.

I shall be courageous and careful in my quest for greater knowledge about the mysteries that surround us. I shall not use scientific knowledge for my own personal gain or give it to those who seek to destroy the wonderful planet on which we live.

If I break this oath, may the beauty and wonder of the Universe forever remain hidden from me.

~ from "George's Secret Key to the Universe" by Lucy & Stephen Hawking with Christophe Galfard.
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Woody Guthrie and I would ramble all over this country. I wonder what he'd think of it now.

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I don't watch Iron Chef, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc., but OMG I MUST SEE THIS! Akshay Kumar is certifiably adorable. And I wonder if the dishes will all be vegetarian-friendly...?

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We watched THE classic Bollywood film last night - Sholay! The year was 1975, the Big B was rocking the bell bottoms, and the time was ripe for a "Curry" Western.

In this scene Our Hero Veeru (Dharmendra) and Basanti (Hema Malini) have been captured by the evil bandits. Their leader orders Basanti to dance. When she refuses, he has a gun pointed at Veeru. Unless she dances for them, they will kill Veeru. Even more insidiously... as soon as she stops dancing, they will shoot him. She must dance to keep her beloved alive!

Lyrics! )

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In which The Geek (Uday) attempts to show The Sexy Popular Girl (Priyanka, in her Geek Disguise) just how hard it can be to get Sexy Popular People to notice you - let alone fall in love with you - when you don't look Sexy & Popular.

(Pyaar = Love)

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] folkchick3, I've connected with [livejournal.com profile] bolly_flicks - a fun new blog relevant to my interests. ^.^

BF actually mentioned recommendations... heheheh... so I'm going to make a list of the movies I own (and love) and some I've seen that I've really enjoyed. Cut for the masala-adverse... )

Whew, that's enough for now!


Sep. 9th, 2010 06:09 pm
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... is Akshay Kumar's birthday. So I post. Voila! Voila!

Lovelovelove to [livejournal.com profile] folkchick3 and all y'all kickin around LJ.

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Falafel and hummus.

(It's what's for dinner.)
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Edy's Fruit Bars is sponsoring a competition: the community with the most votes by April 30th will win a grant to fund a community orchard. Right now it's a two-town race between Bloomington and somewhere in New York state.

If you can spare a moment, please put in a vote for us here in B-Town! You can vote once per day from now until the deadline. Please! The Bloomington Community Orchard needs your help!!!


More information on our future orchard... )

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Watched "Taare Zameen Par" (Like Stars on Earth) today and bawled my eyes out (both sad and happy tears). If you love/work with/know some elementary-school kids, you MUST see it. And if you love/work with/know some college-age kids, you MUST see "3 Idiots".

Aamir Khan is just too much awesome for this planet.

(Even when he's being very silly. :)

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Um, wut? Like it's any of my business? Like anyone knows the truth about what went down except the people involved? Like I CARE?

Is dumb question.

To take this to a more personal level, if it was a *friend* of mine, I would care. If people have made promises they don't intend to keep, they shouldn't be in that relationship with those particular mutual agreements. I've made promises I later realized I couldn't keep, and (eventually) extracted myself from the relationship. Goodness knows I'm not perfect - I understand that people make mistakes. But you have to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with anyone else. Sometimes that is surprisingly difficult.

We grow, we change, we try, we fail, we try again. I imagine "celebrities" are just like us in that respect - except we don't have 50 gazillion people gleefully studying our every misfortune under a media microscope.

Salacious gossip is ugly, no matter where it comes from or who it's aimed at.

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So, there's a rumor on the internets that Pinellas County commissioners are planning to slash the budget for Heritage Village and shut it down. They will be "locking the gates when the money runs out!"

Now I know how reliable internet rumors are, and the woman who made the Facebook site doesn't offer any proof of this vile plan other than a link to an article about an antique car club being unable to hold their annual show at the Village this year due to "recent county manpower and budget constraints."

[livejournal.com profile] telaryn kindly provided more concrete evidence:

Okay - the County is in the process of eliminating all the paid positions because of budget issues. There is lip service at this point that they are willing to maintain it entirely through volunteers because shutting down a museum (which is what HV is, after all) would be a logistical and PR nightmare.

So in addition to community support, what the museum really needs at this point is people willing to commit to helping to run the place, either through massive donations or their physical presence.

I can neither provide a massive donation or my physical presence, but if anyone in the Tampa Bay area reading this can spread the word to people who could help, please do so. It would be nice if as much hellfire and damnation could be stirred up about this as was stirred up about the Biltmore Hotel, but I suspect that will be rather unlikely given that Heritage Village is a) not in Belleair and b) less spectacular in a showy way.

Heritage Village is a "building preserve." Many historical structures from around Pinellas County were moved to that site to prevent their destruction. From the Coachman cabin to the Lowe House, these were the homes of early Florida pioneers and residents. Considering how the vast majority of Florida history has been run over roughshod by "developers", Heritage Village deserves far better than being budget-slashed into oblivion.

If anyone knows of any way to help... please do.
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The Raaga website is very, very cool. It's one of those "create your own playlist/radio station" music sites, but the music is all Indian. This means I can listen to all the latest Bollywood soundtracks. ^.^

As a test, I've embedded a player with a really smooth Tamil soundtrack, Rettachuzhi. Due to the wailing and gnashing of teeth that occurred last time I embedded something that wasn't YouTube, I've put it behind a cut. I've also set it *NOT* to auto-start, but if something goes awry just let me know.

Check it out. It's very relaxing. Raaga player! )

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Performed by Turkish artist Emir, song written by Turkish artist Tarkan.

English translation from the AllLyrics forums: )


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