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What a cute & clever idea! Hey, [livejournal.com profile] durgablue, take note!

Explore treasures of Bloomington's museums and compete for prizes by picking up an ABM Quest '09 guide from the Mathers Museum lobby desk, or download it from the museum's web site at http://www.mathers.indiana.edu.

The 2009 Summer Quest runs now through July 31, with a drawing for prizes to be held the first week of August. Prizes include restaurant gift certificates, as well as special games, books, puzzles, garden tools, and more from the museums, the Visitors Center, Cafe Pizzaria and Crazy Horse. To be eligible for these prizes, you must correctly answer at least eight (8) of the questions and turn in your guide no later than July 31 at a participating museum or at the Visitors Center, 2855 N. Walnut St. There is one question for each museum.

The Summer Quest is open to treasure hunters of all ages, but please note there is adult content on display at the SoFA Gallery and the Kinsey Institute.

Bloomington Museums

Hilltop Garden & Nature Center, 2367 E. 10th St.
Indiana Geological Survey, 611 N. Walnut Grove Ave.
IU Archives, Wells Library E460, 1320 E. 10th St.
IU Art Museum, Fine Arts Plaza, 1133 E. 7th St.
Kinsey Institute, Morrison Hall 313, 1165 E. 3rd St.
Lilly Library, Fine Arts Plaza, 1200 E. 7th St.
Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 416 N. Indiana Ave.
SoFA Gallery, Fine Arts Building, 1201 E. 7th St.
Monroe County History Center, 202 E. 6th St.
WonderLab Science Museum, 308 W. 4th St.
Wylie House Museum, 307 E. 2nd St.
Hinkle-Garton Farmstead, 2920 E. 10th St.

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Native American Community Center of Bloomington, Inc., a nonprofit, will hold a yard sale including locally handmade jewelry and baked goods on Saturday, July 11.

The yard sale starts at 10 AM and ends around 5 PM.

Location: 1020 S. Palmer Street

All proceeds will go to the Native American Community Center's general funds, allowing us to continue programming and build funding to purchase space.

If you would like to donate goods, please contact Del Criscenzo, treasurer@naccbloomington.org, to arrange pickup or drop off.

Thank you!
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Farm to School: Nourishing Kids and Community

Wednesday April 8th • 4 pm
The Council Chambers, City Hall
401 North Morton Street, Bloomington Indiana

Farm to School brings healthy food from local farms to school children nationwide. The program teaches students about the path food takes to reach our tables, helping build good eating habits that can last a lifetime. Knowing how to grow, prepare, and enjoy good food is a lifeskill worth learning.

Meet Sara Tedeschi to learn how the national Farm to School program can help our community provide healthy food to children while supporting local growers.


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