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This is the song I improved to at the Holiday Hafla. I inflicted this on my FB pals a while back, but LJ is ever-so-much nicer. So here it is (again, for some of you): )

(If anyone has problems with this embed from DesiHits.com, here's the link to the HQ video on YouTube.)

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A cute, sweet little video for a cute, sweet little song. Aamir Khan is looking soooo adorable here!

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This isn't the best video quality, but the subtitles help the Urdu-impaired (such as myself) catch the sly jabs in his lyrics. There seems to be some controversy about this song... a recent NYT video article claims the song was banned in Pakistan and Roy received death threats over it. Comments indicate it was never banned. Anyhow, I like it. And I like Shehzad Roy.

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My latest favorite song. A.R. Rahman, circa 2004. It gets me kind of like "Chale Chalo" does.

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From the upcoming movie "Kurbaan". Lovely imagery. And not only is Saif Ali Khan a joy to behold, he is an incredible actor. Looking forward to this one, although it'll probably tear me up just like "New York" did.
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With GREAT thanks to [livejournal.com profile] brock_fn_samson for sharing this. I'm all choked up. ANTHRO FOLK RULES!!!
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Happy (late) Birthday, Dr. Sagan. Cosmos changed my life. This video & music is exquisite, and makes me cry.

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Who's the adorable star following in Hrithik's dance steps.... right down to the open-shirt-wind-machine-blowing-his-perfect-hair...?

Shahid, that's who!!!


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:46 am
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One of the things that keeps me fascinated by WoW is the lore and the genuine poignancy of many of the quest storylines. Here, Cranius has written a song about the little ghost of Pamela, the fall of Darrowshire to the Scourge, the redemption and ultimate return of her father. It's just plain beautiful.

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Partly for [livejournal.com profile] brock_fn_samson, because I know he's a Felicia Day fan, but mostly because this is the cutest "Ode to ERP" I've ever seen. THE GUILD RULES!!!

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"Dhadak Dhadak" from the movie Bunty Aur Babli. With english subtitles so Hindi-deficient persons like myself can see how beautiful the lyrics are... a song of wild dreams, running away from small towns, making a life in the great big world. I LOVE this.

(The whole movie was a lot of fun, too. ^.^)

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Some nice glimpses of The Chest (of Shahid Kapoor) and Rani Mukherjee, who just looks so damned adorable in drag. Have I mentioned I love drag kings? Or in this case, maybe she's a drag prince...
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Heard this song in "Kal Ho Naa Ho" last night and was so moved by the lyrics I was shocked to find it wasn't on the soundtrack! But that's because it was originally from the movie "Lagaan" - which is apparently about cricket*. Still, it's such a powerful song.

We will now take the courageous route
We will shake the earth, we will show everyone
Who is king, who are the ruled ones
We will shadow the earth, now we will show
What the status of our people is
Again and again, speak my friend
May victory be ours and defeat be theirs
May no fears now enter our minds
Come, let us move on
May every shackle be opened up,
Come, let us move on. (chale chalo)

* My bad, there is a hell of lot more to the story than just cricket... )
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Because it always makes me smile when Sam & Kunal dance together. ^.^

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Tabbouleh Song ~ by Remy

Hummus: The Rap ~ by Remy

Too freakin' tasty. Even more at Remy's website: http://www.goremy.com

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You'll always be my Fantastic Captain...
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Becaues [livejournal.com profile] d_c_m reminded me of it, somehow. :)
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If you have any folk-y music podcasts to recommend, please do! I like Celtic, Americana, blues, some bluegrass, world music...


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