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Hey. It's March. That means the ADA has come out with another of their National Nutrition Month quizzes and I (in my infinite patience) have turned it into a Real LiveJournal Poll (TM) for y'all to enjoy. Answers will be posted later.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in this poll are not necessarily those of Razzle.

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OK, so, to get a job being a dietitian (in a hospital, school, etc.) or teaching/writing nutrition curriculum, most employers require the applicant to be a Registered Dietitian.

Dietitians are registered by the American Dietetics Association - NOT the government.

The ADA sets all of the educational requirements and determines exam content for becoming a Registered Dietitian.

The ADA is not a government body - it is a "professional organization" that requires all of its members to pay rather steep yearly dues and obtain continuing education credits.

MOST of the continuing education programs are administered by food industry corporations, such as Nestle, with the goal of "persuading" the RDs to use their company's products in the course of their jobs. But I guess that method of indoctrination persuasion was just too subtle.

Now the ADA is officially seeking partnerships with BigPhood:

American Dietetic Association Welcomes Unilever as First ADA Partner in the Association's New Corporate Relations Sponsorship Program

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All I can say is, if I ever run into a Registered Dietitian that has never seen a raw vegetable in her life but is peddling Slim Fast with gusto... I won't be surprised.


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